Who Is Sevilla ?

Sevilla is an Egyptian perfume house, which took its name from Seville and took the Great Mosque as its trademark. It was established in 2018. Within a few years, it became one of the most important perfume houses in Egypt and the fastest growing as well. Be their daily partner, and leave a global footprint with Egyptian hands.

Sevilla Inspiration

Islamic culture contributed greatly to the development of the perfume industry, the extraction of oils, and the provision of raw materials that the world had not known before. From Andalusia, it was said that every city has a different scent and every perfume reminds us of it, but all perfumes remind us of Andalusia and Seville, and the mosque, and from here Sevilla began.

Sevilla Expnading

Sevilla began to spread more in the Arab Gulf countries, in the year 2021, as it began to export perfumes and promote its brand through its agents, and the house seeks in the coming years to be one of the most important brands in those countries, especially since Sevilla provides specially manufactured perfumes. to suit their habits and the way they are installed.

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Sevilla, Nich Perfumes a timeless scent that's perfect for any occasion. This high-end fragrance is available exclusively in website and our store.

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